Statement of Practice


Merry Meet.   We are Moondrake Coven and Grove, which has been established and functioning since Beltane of 1997.  We practice a Druidic/Wiccan form of the Craft, drawing inspiration from the ongoing work and research of authors Caitlin and John Matthews, Philip Carr-Gomm, numerous classic Wiccan texts, and the many interpretations of Celtic and Arthurian myth both ancient and modern.  We study the myths and beliefs of other cultures as well, seeking whatever illumination they may provide, and may even draw on these in our individual and Solitary practice, if desired.  This Tradition we call ‘Morganic Wicca’, after the legendary sorceress/priestess Morgan le Fay.


  Our group consists of two parts:

  Our Coven meets at all Esbats and Sabbats.  First degree initiation and strict adherence to the Rede are the primary prerequisites to membership.  We do utilize the traditional three degree system and all initiates are considered priesthood.

  The first degree functions as general support, taking on responsibilities on a volunteer basis, as needed, and serving as guide to visitors and pre-initiates.

  The second degree members’ primary duties are to serve as teachers either in general craft studies or of specific areas of expertise, and also serve as ritual leaders in case of absence of the Elders.  The second degree priest/ess may initiate first or second degree with the Elders’ approval.  (CoG Ministerial Credentials are awarded at this degree.)

  The third degree member functions as ritual leader, Elder, “principal” of education, (though they may teach, as well) and clergy.  (Ordination to Elder status, with corresponding credentials, occurs at third degree.)


  Initiation occurs when a student has studied and completed all assignments and has shown a marked increase in confidence in ritual skill and can successfully complete a solitary ritual without assistance, and displays the general attitude of a life lived in accord with the Rede.  The first degree initiation is given upon approval by the Elders after a period of no less than six

months, (conditionally) or a year and a day.  Second and third degree are bestowed based on the individual’s continued development of knowledge, style, expertise, and willingness to take on increased responsibility.


 We do accept self-initiates and those from former groups after demonstrating the knowledge and skill required of our first degree, and after a period of acclimation to our traditions.  These we welcome with an “induction” ceremony.

  Our interpretation of the Rede is, as many others, in two parts. “Harm none” and “Do what thou wilt”, which we see as a commandment requiring self honesty and study – to first find our true will and work unceasingly toward its realization.  This and the Charge of the Goddess form the basis of any and all decisions made, and our rules are flexible and determined by consensus, so long as they remain in accord with the above-mentioned.

  We work robed, and do not use sex in ritual or training, for any reason.  We do not use tobacco, drugs, or alcohol in our rituals, in order to provide a safe environment for those in recovery, as several of our members are.

  Our function, as we see it, is ever-increasing service to Goddess and God, through self-realization and growth, and through serving our individual members, our communities, and our Earth


  We also sponsor our Grove, or outer court, which is more loosely based, consisting of individuals or families who consider themselves Wiccan but cannot make the time commitment for coven membership, or do not wish to train for the clergy.  It can also serve for individuals who wish to work solitary, yet still be a part of community for Sabbat celebrations and support.  (First degree initiate training is available in the grove for this reason.)


  Grove members may attend coven ritual and have full access to coven assistance upon request.  Requirements for Grove Membership are:

-          The honoring of The Rede and The Charge

-          Regular prayer, study, and growth, and,

-          To honor the Sabbats and Esbats in a manner deemed appropriate by the individual at the proper occasions.

  All first degree aspirants are considered Grove members prior to initiation.  No one under 18 may belong to the Grove unless a parent is a member of the Coven or Grove.  The Coven is restricted to those over 18, without exception.


  Moondrake Coven and Grove is currently a member in good standing with the Covenant of the Goddess, a prominent and legally recognized Wiccan religious organization.  We have chosen affiliation with CoG based upon the reputation of integrity, hard work, and service we have observed to be associated over the years with its name.  This has allowed us to be of greater service to Our Lady and Lord, by offering whatever talents we possess to the wider Pagan community, as well as allowing our voices to contribute to the shaping of the future of our Religion.


Blessed Be,


Lord Gwydion, HP, founder

And the members of Moondrake Coven and Grove,

West Palm Beach, Florida