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  ... an outline of seven performance levels with goals and repertoire for each level
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This Oboistís Study Guide outlines seven levels of study. It can be used to identify a studentís level of accomplishment and provides a list of publications for study and performance at each level. Progress of individual students will, of course, vary greatly, and some students may find it appropriate to work in materials from different levels simultaneously. For remedial work at more advanced levels, slower scales, interval studies and expressive melodic etudes are recommended.

It is important that students realize that careful, thoughtful daily practice is a primary requirement for effective progress. Inspired guidance from a good teacher and good ensemble experiences are vital contributing factors, but in the end the student must do the learning himself!

This guide organizes literature for oboe and English horn by level and is intended to be a progressive outline of repertoire to which aspiring student oboists may refer. There is certainly no shortage of repertoire for the oboe, and many other notable works are available.

For many years Southern Music Company has been a recognized leader in the field of wind repertoire. A major contribution to the Southern Music listings was made when Albert J. Andraud, former oboist and English horn player of the Cincinnati Symphony, transferred his extensive catalog to Southern in 1958. Much of this literature was in the public domain. The solos, ensembles, collections and etude books of Andraud have become staples in the personal libraries of all serious oboists.

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