Initial/Recurrent Pilot Training

General Information
South Florida Jet Training is a professional business jet training facility which specializes in personalized initial and recurrent pilot training.

While attending one of our courses, you will receive personalized F.A.A. and insurance approved training, which you will find to be quite unique as opposed to courses offered by other training organizations.

All of our courses are crew and aircraft specific which allows your instructor to customize your entire training course around your specific aircraft.

All phases of your training will be conducted by experienced instructors who are dedicated to ensuring that each student acquires a complete and thorough understanding of the aircraft which they are operating.

Our training courses allow you to receive much more that just an aircraft rating. Through the use of highly skilled professional instructors with years of experience you will receive the knowledge required for the safe and confident operation of your aircraft. We feel that this level of training is priceless and can rarely be found at any other training facility.

Our personalized approach to training also allows for flexible scheduling. You decide when and where your training is conducted.

We are confident that you will find our professional and personalized way of training to be so unique and refreshing that you will look forward to next year's recurrent training with us.

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