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Bermuda 2006    

DRACO looking over Terminator Monster Truck for lunch.
"Look Ma, No Wheels!"
Draco on the move
Draco--June 2006
Standing by the head of DRACO -- Randy Henning, owner of Great Lakes Dragway, Union Grove, Wisconsin -- George Barris, "King of Kustoms" -- and Dragon Master "Rev"
Extreme Monster Truck Nationals VIP T-shirt
2006 Miss Motorsport Diva

Hummer Time
Fuel Throttle
Bad Boy
Caribbean Poster
Hummer Time
Full Throttle
Bad Boy
Aruba poster

Puerto Rico poster
Florida InternationalAir Show

Puerto Rico
Florida International Air Show
February 25, 2000

After 3 years of back and forth discussions and negotiations, watching the value of the yen go up and down, breaking down the international barriers of language and customs, and trying to figure out how to get an original American creation, the 4X4 Monster Truck Show and its crew, from the heartland of America and ship them 7,000 miles across the country and the Pacific Ocean to Kumamoto, Japan, we finally did it!

Final Stop: Mitsui Greenland, a 36-year-old, 200-acre amusement park on the southern most island of Japan--Kyusttu. The entire trip took approximately 6 months. Monster Trucks and Drivers, Cycle Jumpers and Stunt Performers, a Cast of 10 Japanese Actors, plus an AMTA crew of 8, lived and worked in Japan for 117 days, performing approximately 400 times.

Japan Poster
Japan Newspaper Cliips
Japan -- Newspaper Clips
Japan Poster


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