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Through the research and development activities of the ET Principals, we are able to offer high quality turf management on the most challenging of salt-affected sites. We have developed fine-textured halophytic turfs that can withstand inundation's of seawater and can be irrigated with seawater, brackish water, and poor quality water.
  • The use of this turf is ideal for situations in which:
  • The only irrigation water source is desalinized seawater
  • The ground water available for irrigation is of poor quality such that it will not ordinarily be capable of supporting a high quality landscape
  • Areas where the soils are salt-affected and incapable of supporting other turfs
  • Coastal areas where salt spray may be a problem
  • Coastal areas or islands where tidal surges from storm events may inundate the site with seawater
  • Pumping of fresh ground water resources for irrigation results in salt water intrusion and contamination for the fresh water aquifer

We have developed ecotypes of Seashore Paspalum, (Paspalum vaginatum) Seashore Dropseed, (Sporobolus virginicus) and Saltgrass (Distichlis spicata) that are suitable for use on golf course greens, tees, fairways and roughs, as well as on athletic fields and general use landscape areas.

The benefits that we can offer to the Owner are many. Our services range from complete design and construction, to renovation of existing facilities and to complete facility management services. Our expertise will not only improve the quality of the turfed landscape area but will often result in either reduced costs or in the opportunity to capture increased revenues.

Please consider the employment of our services in the following scenarios:

Some coastal areas, islands or arid areas do not have adequate natural fresh water resources available for development. In order to develop these areas desalinization plants are constructed to supply the fresh water needs. The costs associated with utilizing this water for landscaped areas normally precludes its use only for the highest value landscapes, often golf courses. In these circumstances, the irrigation costs are often phenomenal. Depending upon natural precipitation, irrigated area and other factors, these annual costs may be in the millions of dollars. If a facility such as a golf course were able to utilize and maintain a high quality turf on irrigation water in which only a fraction of it is desalinized water, what would be the savings? Depending upon the circumstances of the site, it may be feasible to reduce the required utilization of desalinized water to one-third, or less. The desalinized water would be utilized only for a potable source, or to slightly dilute the seawater before it is applied as irrigation. It is even possible on some sites to utilize undiluted seawater for irrigation in the event that fresh water becomes unavailable for periods of time. Another option of course would be to utilize
effluent water for irrigation.

A large irrigated landscape utilizes or desires to utilize a fresh water aquifer for irrigation. However, due to the ground water hydrological characteristics, use of this fresh water aquifer creates a situation in which a negative pressure head is put on the aquifer. This pressure deficit allows for salt-enriched ground water with a positive pressure head to intrude or impinge on the fresh water resource (salt water intrusion). If this fresh water is also utilized as a source of drinking water, it may soon become unusable. By culturing and maintaining a landscape that is tolerant of salt-affected irrigation water and/or soils, then more options become available for the utilization of lesser quantities of water for uses other than irrigating turf. This can vary from the utilization of salt water with various possible dilutions with fresh water, to the location of wells into saline aquifers that will not impact the fresh water aquifer. Under proper management, many of these saline aquifers may be used as an irrigation water resource without fresh water dilutions. These circumstances may allow for the approval of golf or other landscape development where such approval may not be otherwise given. Considerable cost savings may also be realized depending upon the laws governing water rights and water utilization for a particular site.

A coastal or island location is operating with adequate fresh water resources. The turf growing on the site may be adequate and indeed the facility may be maintained to very high standards of quality. The turf may have been established and maintained at considerable cost which are justified due to its use. This is often the case with golf courses located in resort areas. Many of these areas with fresh water resources may however be subject to severe storm events or hurricanes. These types of events are often accompanied with tidal surges that may result in seawater inundation of all or part of the site. In these circumstances, more often than not the turf (often Bermuda grass) is severely damaged or is killed by the salt water. Additionally, the soil is often left in a salt enriched condition in which it is not capable of supporting the growth of most turf species for an extended period of time. The fresh water available for irrigation may have also been contaminated with salt water. In these circumstances, not only would it require a significant expenditure to restore the turf but would also take considerable time for the turf to be procured and reestablished. By utilization and management of a turf system that is capable of withstanding these conditions with minimal or no damage, the facility may be put back in service in a very short period of time. In a resort area, being able to quickly reestablish a revenue source can be crucial.

ET is also qualified to assist you in issues relating to the environment. This includes such things as landscape development near wetlands, on reclaimed sites or on disturbed sites. This may include land reclamation of mine sites and soils of former landfills. If your present, or planned site or facility includes unique features requiring specialized landscape expertise, we may be of service to you. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your site with you and to submit a proposal for our services. If you have any questions regarding our services and our qualifications, we invite your inquiry.

For a quick assessment of potential water cost savings for your proposed golf/landscape development, please click here to go to our Questionnaire.

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