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Saline Nursery Production
We are currently irrigating managed turf and landscape areas with irrigation water up to 28,000 PPM total salinity. Our turf production units are also maintained with salt water irrigation so that when harvested and transplanted, they have been acclimated to salinity and will perform predictably. Other parties marketing Seashore paspalum and other halophytes use fresh water irrigation to produce their turf and plants and as such the plants may not be adjusted to handle saline conditions upon transplanting.

Available Literature
Over the years we have compiled a series of articles related to our business.  In order to better serve our customers we are making these papers available here on our website.  Please select from the list below.  We hope you will find this information useful! If there is a demand for this type of information we will post the entire library here.

For a quick assessment of potential water cost savings for your proposed golf/landscape development, please click here to go to our Questionnaire.

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