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J & D Hite clarinet mouthpieces

... a complete line of professional clarinet mouthpieces
bass, Bb, Eb and alto clarinet mouthpieces
The balance of carefully designed and produced dimensions and facings gives J & D HITE mouthpieces their extreme flexibility, superior intonation patterns and comfort throughout the entire range of the instrument, at all dynamic levels. Many years of consultation with the worlds most respected clarinetists have influenced their design and performance standards. 
  • J & D HITE professional clarinet mouthpieces are made of the finest vulcanized rubber, moulded on our custom designed, personally finished cores. 
  • HITE mouthpieces are rough faced using our personally crafted facing cams, then are personally hand faced and finished by Jean and David Hite. 
  • Each HITE mouthpiece is carefully play-tested and micro-adjusted to the highest performance standards.

J & D Hite Bb clarinet mouthpiece J & D Hite Bb clarinet mouthpieces

The four standard models in the J & D HITE Bb clarinet mouthpiece line have proven to be those most preferred, most versatile and most "user friendly". The facings have been designed in conjunction with the interior contours and dimensions for optimum results. HITE Bb clarinet mouthpieces are available either with or without J&D Hite patented ligature and plastic cap. (To order mouthpieces with ligature and cap precede the catalogue number with "LC." For example: LC121-D. Price for a HITE Bb clarinet mouthpiece with ligature and cap is $126.00. ) 

J & D Hite Bb clarinet mouthpiece, Model D

Catalogue number: 121-D
Retail price: $ 120.00
Facing: Medium length, .041" tip 
Our "D" model mouthpiece is the original (ca. 1980) HITE interior design which is closely aligned with the traditional classic orchestral facing. The mouthpiece balances well with a Vandoren No. 4 or Vandoren V-12 No. 3½ reed (or comparable). Compared to the "M41" model which has the identical facing, the "D" internal dimensions tend to produce a darker, rounder tonal character.
J & D Hite Bb clarinet mouthpiece, Model J

Catalogue number: 121-J
Retail price: $ 120.00
Facing: Medium length, .043" tip 
The "J" model Bb clarinet mouthpiece is the best choice for players who prefer a somewhat softer Vandoren No. 3 type reed and are more comfortable with greater amplitude of reed vibration at the tip. This model may prove to be more comfortable for higher elevation locales and is usually the model preferred by saxophonists who are doubling on clarinet.
J & D Hite Bb clarinet mouthpiece, Model M

Catalogue number: 121-M (formerly model M41)
Retail price: $ 120.00
Facing: Medium length, .041" tip 
The core design for the "M41" model mouthpiece was developed in response to orchestral players who want a livelier sound for projection and resonance in large concert halls. The altissimo (third register) is extremely stable, full-bodied and accessible. The bore and channel contours tend toward a leaner, more centered sound when compared to the "D" model which has the same facing measurements. 
J & D Hite Bb clarinet mouthpiece, Model H

Catalogue number: 121-H
Retail price: $ 120.00
Facing: Medium long length, .041" tip 
The "H" model was new to the J&D HITE line as of March 2000 and was further modified in late 2002.  Using newly designed chamber and bore dimensions, the extra facing length on the "H" model functions well with thicker cut reeds made of less dense cane such as the Vandoren V-12's.  The interior design and facing length can add extra depth to the sound, especially for more advanced experienced players. 

J & D Hite Eb, alto and bass clarinet mouthpieces
J & D Hite Eb soprano clarinet mouthpiece

Catalogue number: 120
Retail price: $ 125.00
Facing: Medium length, .041" tip 
The HITE Eb clarinet mouthpiece is extremely popular because of its tonal sweetness which makes it sound agreeable and blend nicely. Unlike many Eb mouthpieces which go flat, the HITE plays in tune all the way up to high G with standard fingerings. The facing makes it an easy double with the Bb clarinet. 
J & D Hite basset horn/alto clarinet mouthpiece

Catalogue number: 123
Retail price: $ 125.00
Facings: One preferred facing: Medium length, .055" tip 
Often known as "the ill wind that blows no good," the alto clarinet has earned a bad reputation as sounding thin, fuzzy and weak. To improve this malady, the HITE mouthpiece has a modified channel and facing design which gives a full, golden-voiced alto tone that is truly attractive. The table is widened to accept an alto saxophone reed. Medium strength Vandoren Java cuts work well. This model is also the perfect compliment to the alto clarinet style basset horn.
J & D Hite bass clarinet mouthpiece

Catalogue number: 124
Retail price: $ 130.00
Facings: Medium length, .068" tip J & D Hite bass clarinet mouthpiece
The internal design of the HITE bass clarinet mouthpiece is unique in bringing a beautiful focus to the sound, improving the usual fluffy middle B and giving good response to the typically weak upper register G. The facing has found great favor among orchestral bass clarinetists and is highly compatible with available reeds. With this mouthpiece, the bass clarinet is a joy to play and an easy double to learn. 


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