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... a complete line of professional saxophone mouthpieces
baritone, tenor, soprano and alto
sax mouthpieces

The balance of carefully designed and produced dimensions and facings gives HITE mouthpieces their extreme flexibility, superior intonation patterns and comfort through out the entire range of the instrument, at all dynamic levels. 
  • J&D Hite professional model mouthpieces are made of top quality hard rubber and are personally hand-finished and tested to ensure consistency and playability. 
  • All J & D Hite professional models come with J & D HITE ligature (U.S. Patent # 5,000,073) and plastic cap.

J & D Hite Soprano saxophone mouthpiece
Catalogue number: 126
Retail price: $ 125.00
Facings: One preferred facing: Medium short, .052" tip 
The design of our soprano saxophone mouthpiece is similar to the French square throat style except that the square corners have been rounded. A longer bead at the back and lean sides cut down on the bulk of the mouthpiece. In response to players who have requested good low register response as well as an easy high register F and F#, we have developed a shorter, slightly more open facing. The refinement of the facing in both the table and the rails enhances the overall performance and playability.

J & D Hite "Commercial" Alto saxophone mouthpiece
Catalogue number: 127
Retail price: $ 126.00
Facings: One preferred facing: Medium long, .070" tip (comparable to a Meyer 6) 

J&D Hite alto sax mouthpiece

Our "Commercial" alto mouthpiece is designed for general commercial playing -- stage bands, recording studios, show orchestras and jazz. Because of its inherent flexibility many players find it to be an ideal "cross-over" mouthpiece, suitable for both classic and popular styles. This model is especially attractive to flute and clarinet doublers who appreciate being able to play without excessive embouchure pressure.

This standard facing works well with Rico Jazz Select medium, LaVoz medium hard or Vandoren Java medium reeds. With the correctly balanced reed -- one with a good strong center and thinner, more vibrant sides -- this facing allows for plenty of power for lead players as well as softer dynamics for more delicate passages.

J & D Hite "Classic" Alto saxophone mouthpiece
Catalogue number: 137
Retail price: $ 126.00
Facings: Available in two facings:
M64-Medium length, .064" tip (comparable to a C*)
M68-Medium length, .068" tip (comparable to a C**)
Saxophonists specializing in classical music for recitals, concertos and orchestral or concert band performance need a mouthpiece which has been finished with a high degree of refinement - a mouthpiece that produces a rich sound, easy extended high range, clarity and ease in pianissimo dynamics, response in the "low D down to Bb" range, and the flexibility to play limpid musical phrases.

Our "Classic" model follows the design of the 1950's mouthpiece with a smaller rounded throat which was preferred by Marcel Mule. The facing is compatible with standard cut Vandoren reeds (or comparable). A No. 3 strength is generally recommended for the closer M64 facing and a slightly softer strength for the M68 facing.

J & D Hite Tenor saxophone mouthpiece
Catalogue number: 128
Retail price: $ 130.00
Facings: One preferred facing: Medium length, .095" tip (comparable to a Link 6*) 
The unique design of our tenor mouthpiece features a moderately high baffle to give color and strength while avoiding a thin, edgy, "laser beam" sound. You can blend with a section, and also stand up and be heard! The channel size results in a nicely centered sound with a clear middle D. As with our other saxophone mouthpieces, doublers will appreciate the power and flexibility they can achieve without excessive embouchure pressure -- and without destroying their flute embouchures. 

Medium hard reeds (LaVoz, Rico Jazz Select or Vandoren Java cuts) work well on the standard tenor facing.

J & D Hite Baritone saxophone mouthpiece
Catalogue number: 129
Retail price: $ 135.00
Facings: One preferred facing: Medium length, .105" tip 
Our baritone mouthpiece is recommended for a variety of playing situations: concert and stage bands, sax quartets, studios and show orchestras. It has a flat, modestly raised baffle. The table is angled in such a way that the tip of the reed is centered on the bore of the mouthpiece. This improved design gives the bari a rich lean sound rather than the old style spread, heavy tone. Both high and low registers are enhanced, and tonal flexibility is facilitated.

Medium strength reeds with good center and vibrant tip and sides (LaVoz type cut) work well with the facing and internal dimensions of the mouthpiece.



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