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Throughout his teaching and playing career, David Hite has been collecting and editing music for saxophone. His etude collections which are published by Southern Music Company have become the core study curriculum in many teaching studios. Beginning at the intermediate level, the following list presents etude books in progressive order of difficulty.

Foundation Studies
Adapted from the Baermann Clarinet Method, Part III
$ 8.95
Melodious and Progressive Studies, Book 1
  • Demnitz 18 Expressive Studies(based on scales)
  • Demnitz 18 Expressive Studies (based on chords)
  • Nocentini 9 Melodic Studies
  • Baermann 14 Melodic Studies
  • Kayser 5 Progressive Studies
  • Hite major and minor scales
  • 9.95
    Forty Progressive Melodies by A.M.R. Barret
  • Barret 40 Progressive Melodies
  • Dont 8 Progressive Exercises
  • Hite Scale studies
  • 7.95
    Melodious and Progressive Studies, Book 2
  • Gambaro 16 Caprices
  • Lazarus, Ries, Ferling 6 Studies for the Development of the Tongue
  • Mozart, Mazas, Fiorillo 4 Expressive Studies
  • Lazarus, Ries 3 Studies for Nimble Speed
  • Depas, Venzl 3 Chromatic Studies
  • Berr, et al Studies for Flexibility
  • Kreutzer 2 Studies on Trills
  • Dont 14 Etudes
  • Hite Scales in thirds
  • 6.95
    Four Sonatas by A.M.R. Barret and Five Melodious Studies by D. Alard 10.00

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