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Public Art

Every once and awhile, an artist needs to satisfy his own creative desires. Public art can be permanent or temporary; solo or collaborative; large or small.

Edison Parade
Edison Parade - The Muckers 2004
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Edison Parade 2004 is an annual Fort Myers event. Sponsored by Florida Aluminum - 'The Muckers' won 1st place.

Dum Vivimus Vivamus is a collaborative public sculpture created for the 2004 Art Royale at the Fort Myers Alliance of the Arts. This permanent addition to their collection represents the amalgamation betwixt man and machine. The dissected car is mounted in the manner of a DNA helix.
Collaborative Artists: Vyd & Kirk
Location: Viewable from the car from McGregor Blvd.; South of Colonial.
More Cadillac Art: Rocker & Table
1967 Cadillac
Cadillac Sculpture - 1
Cadillac Sculpture - 2
Cadillac Sculpture - 3
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Ecclesiastical Candelabra
Church Candle whole image Church Candle detail image
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Ecclesiastical Candelabra

Hand Forged for the United Methodist, Downtown Fort Myers alter.

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