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... ligatures for clarinet and saxophone

A wisely selected clarinet or saxophone ligature can add a new dimension to the performance of your instrument-mouthpiece-reed combination. Experienced players never stop searching for better equipment, even "micro" improvements, which will add to ease and stability in performance. In addition to reeds and mouthpieces, ligatures make a critical contribution. 

Artist performers, teachers and students are finding that a J & D Hite ligature enhances the sound and feel of their instruments ... gives them an extra bit of freedom and security to play better. 

The J & D Hite ligature can be a welcome addition to any preferred equipment setup for better results: 

  • fuller, more vibrant sound
  • an enlarged dynamic range with improved pianissimo staccato response and fortes without distortion 
  • greater ease in finding playable reeds 
  • fuller, more vibrant sound
The J & D Hite ligature for clarinet and saxophone was awarded a patent by the U.S. government on March 19, 1991, Patent Number 5,000,073. 
    The J & D Hite ligature is designed to enhance the reed's vibration rather than to mute or absorb the vibrancy. Key design and production characteristics include:
  • The J & D Hite ligature is made of the traditional ligature metal -- brass -- plated with silver in a regulated thickness. The attractive muted pewter-look finish is the result of an oxidation process. A lacquer overcoating preserves the plating. ligature diagram



  • Two pairs of raised resonance rings suspend the body of the ligature away from flush contact with the mouthpiece.These circumferential ribs enhance reed vibration through the ligature itself, giving fuller, more resonant tonal results. 
  • Working with the rings, contoured reed contact "cushions" support the reed at two pairs of points just below the two screws. This position corresponds to two nodal points on the reed, leaving the anti-nodes free to vibrate. (This action is sometimes referred to as the "diving board principal".) 
  • The screws on the J & D Hite ligature are located directly under the reed. This provides the distinct advantage of controlling the pressure applied directly to the reed by loosening or tightening the screws. Variations in reeds and playing conditions can be better accommodated with this control option. 
  • Each J & D Hite ligature is individually hand-fitted and adjusted for best performance and fit. 

Players' comments about the J & D Hite ligature:
    Enhanced tone quality:
  • "helps the fullness of tone all over" 
  • "enhances and focuses the tone quality in all registers"
  • "The tone is free yet well focused."
  • "It seems to gather and center the sound and gives it more body."
  • "cleans up the sound"
  • "Using this ligature produces better focus and warmth."
    Improved legato flow and response:
  • "The J&D Hite ligature responds with an unsurpassed evenness of tone quality within all registers." 
  • "improves high register response" 
  • "helps make crossing the upper break easier" 
  • "a good solid resonant quality" 

J & D Hite Bb clarinet ligature 
Catalogue number: 711
Retail price: $ 20.00

J & D Hite Eb soprano clarinet/soprano saxophone ligature
Catalogue number: 710
Retail price: $ 22.50

J & D Hite bass clarinet ligature
Catalogue number: 714
Retail price: $ 22.50 

J & D Hite alto saxophone ligature
Catalogue number: 717
Retail price: $ 20.00

J & D Hite tenor saxophone ligature
Catalogue number: 718
Retail price: $ 21.50
Note: This model fits standard size tenor saxophone mouthpieces including the Premiere by Hite (model #118). It also fits the J & D Hite streamline baritone saxophone (model #129) mouthpiece.

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