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1Peter Commentary Series

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1Peter 1:1 Introduction - "Strangers In The World"
1Peter 1:2-4 - "New Birth Into A Living Hope..."
1Peter 1:5-7 - "Your Faith Will Be Refined By The Master Refiner"
1Peter 1:8-12 - "What Is The Outcome Of Your Faith?"
1Peter 1:13-16 - "Fix Your Hope Completely On Christ"
1Peter 1:17-21 - "Fear The Lord And Live"
1Peter 1:22 - 2:1-3 - "The Pure Milk Of The Word"
1Peter 2:4-8 - "The Living Stone Is Making Us Into A Living House"
1Peter 2:9-12 - "A Chosen People, A Royal Priesthood, A Holy Nation..."
1Peter 2:13-18 - "Submit To Earthly Authorities?"
1Peter 2:19-25 - "Jesus Christ, Lord, Savior And Supreme Example"
1Peter 3:1-6 - "In All Things Honor Christ With Your Lives"
1Peter 3:7 - "O.K. Guys, This One's For You"
1Peter 3:8-12 - "Love Christ And See Good Days"
1Peter 3:13-15a - "Apologetics Is Never Having To Say You're Sorry"
1Peter 3:15b-20a - "Christ Preached To The Spirits In Prison? How So?"
1Peter 3:20b-22 - "What Is Baptism Really All About?"
1Peter 4:1-6 - "Live For The Will Of God"
1Peter 4:7-11 - "Employ Your Gifts In Serving One Another"
1Peter 4:12-14 - "You Shall See The Glory Of The Lord Rest On You"
1Peter 4:14-19 - "Especially In Trials, Commit Yourself To Christ"
1Peter 5:1-4 - "Be Shepherds Of God's Flock That Is Under Your Care"
1Peter 5:5-7 - "Called Out Of Darkness And Kept With A Mighty Hand"
1Peter 5:8-14 - "Resist The Enemy, Steadfast In The Faith"
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