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Spiritual Gifts Commentary Series

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Rom.12:6-8 - "What Is The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit As It Relates To Him Gifting Us?
Rom.12:6 - "Gift of Prophecy Part 1"
Rom.12:6 - "Gift of Prophecy Part 2"
1Thessalonians 5:20-22 - "Gift of Prophecy Part 3"
Rom.12:7 - "Gifts of Service And Teaching"
Rom.12:8 - "Gifts Of Encouragement, Giving, Leadership, And Mercy"
1Cor.12:8 - "The Word Of Wisdom And The Word Of Knowledge"
1Cor.12:9 - "The Gifts Of Faith & Healings"
1Cor.12:10 - "Gift Of Miracles"
1Cor.12:10 - "Distinguishing Of Spirits"
1Cor.12:10 - "Gift of Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues"
1Cor.14:1-13 - "Proper Uses for Tongues and Prophecy"
1Cor.14:14-25 - "Purpose and Procedure of the Gift of Tongues"
1Cor.14:26-33a - "Procedures for Tongues and Prophecy (Part 2)"
Ephesians 4:11 - "Apostles"
Ephesians 4:11 - "New Testament Prophets Part 1"
Ephesians 4:11 - "New Testament Prophets Part 2"
Ephesians 4:11 - "Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers"

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