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Romans Commentary Series

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Romans 1:1 Introduction - "Are You Willing To Be A Slave?"
Romans 1:2-7a - "Called By God For A Holy Purpose"
Romans 1:7b-10 - "Walk In His Grace As A Grace Extender"
Romans 1:11-12 - "I'll Encourage You, You Encourage Me"
Romans 1:13-16 - "The Power Of The Gospel Is God's Power In Your Life"
Romans 1:17-20 - "Every Knee Will Bow, And Every Tongue Confess, Jesus Christ As Lord"
Romans 1:21-25 - "Professing To Be Wise, They Became Fools"
Romans 1:26-32 - "God's Grace Is Greater Than The Vileness Of Sin. Praise God!"
Romans 2:1-6 - "There Is No Partiality With God's Righteous Judgment"
Romans 2:7-16 - "Everyone Will Be Judged By God. How Will He Determine Your Case?"
Romans 2:17-29 - "Praise God For The Circumcision From Above"
Romans 3:1-8 - "Prove Yourselves Doers Of The Word, In Christ"
Romans 3:9-18 - "Oh, The Sinfulness Of The Sinful Heart!"
Romans 3:19-26 - "God Is Just And The Justifier"
Romans 3:27-31 - "Let Him Who Boasts, Boast In The Lord!"
Romans 4:1-12 - "Blessed Is The Man Whose Sin The Lord Will Never Count Against Him"
Romans 4:13-21 - "Do Not Waver In The Promises Of God, Give Him Glory!"
Romans 4:22-25 - 5:1-2 - "We Wait For The Glorious Appearing Of Jesus Christ"
Romans 5:3-5 - "We're Not In This Alone"
Romans 5:6-11 - "In Christ, We Have Been Reconciled Even While We Were His Enemies"
Romans 5:12-21 - "For As In Adam All Die, So In Christ All Will Be Made Alive."
Romans 6:1-11 - "If Anyone Is In Christ, He Is A New Creation"
Romans 6:12-23 - "Slaves Of God, Or Slaves Of The World ..... Which Are You?"
Romans 7:1-8 - "Dead To the Law, Alive To Christ"
Romans 7:9-15 - "Why Do I Struggle With Sin? The Answer May Surprise You!"
Romans 7:16-25 - 8:1-7 - "How Do We Live By The Spirit, As Opposed To The Flesh?"
Romans 8:8-11 - "The Spirit Of Christ Resides In Every Child Of God"
Romans 8:12-17 - "To Be Adopted By God...... What A Concept!"
Romans 8:18-23 - "We In Christ Groan Inwardly As We Await Our Adoption"
Romans 8:24-28 - "With Perseverance, Wait Eagerly For Your Hope In Christ"
Romans 8:29-30 - "For Those God Foreknew He Also Predestined"
Romans 8:31-39 - "If Christ Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?"
Romans 9:1-8 - "For They Are Not All Israel, Who Are Descended From Israel"
Romans 9:9-13 - "Jacob I Loved, But Esau I Hated"
Romans 9:14-23 - "What Then Shall We Say? Is God Unjust? Not At All!"
Romans 9:24-33 - "I Will Call Them My People, Who Were Not My People"
Romans 10:1-10 - "Confess; Believe, That "Jesus is Lord", And You Will Be Saved"
Romans 10:11-15 - "How Beautiful Are The Feet Of Those Who Bring Good News"
Romans 10:16-21 - 11:1 - "Did God Reject His People Israel? By No Means!"
Romans 11:2-10 - "God Gave Israel A Spirit Of Stupor"
Romans 11:11-16 - "Israel's Loss Is The Gentiles' Gain"
Romans 11:17-25 - "God Is Able To Graft Israel In To Life Again"
Romans 11:26-36 - 12:1 - "All Israel Will Be Saved. What Does This Mean?"
Romans 12:2 - "Be Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind"
Romans 12:3-5 - "In Christ, We Who Are Many Form One Body"
Romans 12:6-8 - "What Is The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit As It Relates To Him Gifting Us?"
Romans 12:6 - "Gift Of Prophecy Part 1"
Romans 12:6 - "Gift Of Prophecy Part 2"
Romans 12:7 - "Gift Of Service For Ministry .... Gift Of Teaching"
Romans 12:8 - "The Gifts Of Exhortation, Of Giving, Of Leadership And Mercy"
Romans 12:9-12 - "Be Fervent In Spirit, Serving The Lord"
Romans 12:13-15 - "Seek To Meet The Needs Of Others"
Romans 12:16-21 - "Do Not Be Overcome By Evil, But Overcome Evil With Good"
Romans 13:1-3 - "Be Subject To Every Governing Authority"
Romans 13:4-10 - "Owe No One Anything Except To Love One Another"
Romans 13:11-14 - "The Hour Has Come For You To Wake Up From Your Slumber"
Romans 14:1-12 - "Each Of us Will Give An Account Of Himself To God"
Romans 14:13-23 - "What Are Christian Liberties And How Do We Practice Them?"
Romans 15:1-13 - "Each Of Us Should Please His Neighbor For His Good, To Build Him Up"
Romans 15:14-21 - "Whoever Serves, Let Him Do So As By God's Strength"
Romans 15:22-33 - "Paul Plans His Visit To Rome"
Romans 16:1-16 - "Ordinary People Doing An Extraordinary Work In Christ"
Romans 16:17-20 - "Keep An Eye On Those Who Teach Falsehood In The Church"
Romans 16:21-27 - "To The Only Wise God Be Glory Forever"
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